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wowwww okay these are where updates gooo!!!!!!!! how long can i type in this hmm. i just going to copy paste the ranboo creeper crunch video hold on. whoa there bet you didnt expect me to come from the- from the um the floor! ya know i bet you didn’t expect that. I sure did cause i was at the floor. today we’re gonna be making uh some minecraft cereal alright? this is gonna be a um an in-depth review of what are these called? creeper crunch. that is a weird that is a weird name im not gonna say thats a bad name because i love i love minecraft. haha! this is supposed to be a minecraft channel right? but the only videos of mine that do well Are um videos that have nothing to do with minecraft so i dont know how this video is gonna go because it had something to do with minecraft yknow cuz we’re having the we are having the Minecraft cereal. my- my parents put out a giant bowl and spoon! so first we are gonna look at the uh… first we’re gonna look at the box right so we have um Family size… kellogs creeper minecraft creeper crunch cinnamon flavored cereal with marshmallows! so this is basically just lucky charms But more expensive because its Minecraft. oh wow this has some like tips and tricks on the back of the cereal! dont get hangry: mobs are friendlier after some tasty treats. same in real life. share creeper crunch cereal with anyone whos a little sad. wow they really [laughs] they really know their target market- people that are really really sad! [giggles] that is true! i mean if youre buying if youre buying creeper crunch youre probably really sad so it’s good that it says Eat this if youre sad on the back. minecrafters think ahead! no we dont. no we im im gonna be real, we do not think ahead- we think three steps back and then we figure out things as we go. planning ahead is important for the real world- this is [laughs] theyre literally giving Life advice on the side of of minecraft creeper crunch cereal. lets put this bad boy open huh? im gonna put this one right here for uh for branding y know. sponsor me. im just sayin’. but instead of sponsoring me ? what i want you to do right what i want you to do if you sponsor me is give me free stuff and fhe. require me to never talk about your product. thats thats the kind of sponsorship that i want i just want free stuff thats all i want. its really hard to do this with gloves but oh wow nvm it’s actually quite easy, ok. lets see what the bag looks like in this baby! whoa! those- Wow! this is a terrible ratio. this is an absolutely terrible look at how much of there of the bad stuff there is and then lol at how little of the good stuff there is! okay lets get started! first we’re gonna need a bowl we dont this is way too big of a bowl and wait well this is actually an appropriate spoon- but this is way too big of a bowl. so we’re gonna get we’re gonna get rid of that ok? uh we need milk. er mëlk er whatever however people pronounce it Oh shoot we do not have enough. we do not have enough milk for this. we just we just dont have enough .. theres like theres like barely any left. oh thats not good okay well lets get a bowl- thats right! oh im prepared- i have my bowl! right here! look at that! preparedboo hashtag yeah.. ow my gosh everythings falling. we have a cinnamon roll here. i posted this to twitter and like half the comments were like why do you have a cereal- a cinnamon… why do you have a cinnamon roll in a bag? um its bcuz its for the recipe we’re gonna put a gonna put a whole cinnamon roll in this thing. we gotta bag of spaghetti! ^_^ you may think that first is to add the cereal. no first is to add the bagged cinnamon roll that is what you [giggles] that is what you do first! right that is what we are gonna do first we are just gonna add the bagged cinnamon roll! see so like there the whole debate right Whether ir not it is to add the milk or to add the cereal first right? the real correct answer here is um to Add the cinnamon roll first! we cant add the cereal just yet, bcuz we gotta mash the cinnamon roll! [laughs] grab our trusty.. our trusty metal spoon and well just- yeah we’ll just. we’re gonna smash the cinnamon roll here, right? we’re gonna just yeah we’re gonna mix it til it’s a fine purée. so now the cinnamon roll is nice and broken up and mashed yknow! so now we are prepared to add the cereal! oh! yes we added the cereal! its perfect now. okay. look at that! oh it smells so bad actually- why does it smell like that! oh i didnt thats why :( i didnt measure- oh! now, we have to add the mielk! we gotta.. add it. mm! oh that is not enough milk God what i have i created. this is terrible. we’re not adding the bad of spaghetti but i really want to add the bag of spaghetti but we’re not gonna add the bag of spaghetti it would taste terrible yknow but i really want to add the bag of spaghetti! …no! ok. were not gonna add the bag of spaghetti for today. so now it’s time to enjoy this Beautiful thing that we have created! we’re gonna take our first bite here gotta make sure to get some of the cinnamon roll in it too! i really dont know how to feel about this. all things considered, it doesnt taste too bad! the cinnamon roll Really brings it all together! …cinnamon rolls were not meant. to be submerged in milk. im gonna be real guys? i cant eat any more of this. or else i will probably die.. this was so bad im gonna be real this was really bad. subscribe if you havent already! for no other reason other than it gives me the happy chemical cuz yknow ranboo .. ranboo brain go brr when see number go up and give happy chemical ^_^ yknow that’s exactly how it works! cuz im not gonna show u guys any like weird grass or anything i mean i could show u graph oh i mean oh look at that weird graph right there! um. if ur watching the premiere right if ur watching the premiere right now im gonna be streaming like right after this like right on twitch dot tv forward slash ranboo! im probably spamming the link right now in the chat so like, go watch me live! u guys can roast my video! y know u guys can do that thats thats thats about it alright! i hope u guys have the great rest of ur day :] ill see u guys in the next video which will be a minecraft video and- Watch the minecraft videos! i dont - watch the minecraft video!


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